The best agile teams have real feedback from their users.

WeLoop brings all your users around the table to exchange about what to improve.

WeLoop allowed us to simplify the exchanges between the users and the IT Department. Now, we have only one channel, the exchanges are smoother and faster!

Gilles Lemoigne
Gilles Lemoigne
Head of Collaborative Department

End users feel closer to the IT team. The work of the Agile team is facilitated by the users' loops and the backlog is enriched in a more fluid way.

Jérémy Texier
Jérémy Texier
Head of Measurement Application & Operational Performance

Engaged users

Facilitate exchanges

A unique communication channel: say goodbye to emails, surveys and user meetings!

Involve your users by creating a community

An intuitive tool which promotes sharing and collaboration in order to significantly improve your applications.

Become a vector of trust

No more message in a bottle! Your users are now aware of your caring towards them. They know that they are really being listened to.

Collaborative intelligence to support you in your decisions

Identify the real subjects

Use the full potential of user expertise! Our algorithms translate user data to understand trends, needs and expectations.

Request your users at any time

In addition to exchanges between different users, application managers also have the opportunity to interact directly with users, to question them or push surveys for possible improvements.

1 world, 1 channel, 1 community

Thanks to an integrated translator, overcome linguistic boundaries! WeLoop allows users worldwide to train only one team, regardless of their location.


Objective and clear user feedback

Take smart decisions quickly

Our I.A. helps you make decisions about the needs of your community and gives you the feeling of your users about your application.

Rely on data

We collect data on user behaviors: usage of your application but also their attitude within the user community to understand them better.

Compare your feedback with other projects

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your project towards the same population

Secure user adoption of your apps now!

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