The best agile teams get the best connections to their customers concerns.

WeLoop federates your different collaborators and give them a role in the process development.

WeLoop allowed us to simplify the exchanges between the users and the IT Department. Now, we have only one channel, the exchanges are smoother and faster!

Gilles Lemoigne
Gilles Lemoigne
Head of Collaborative Department

End users feel closer to the IT team. The work of the Agile team is facilitated by the users' loops and the backlog is enriched in a more fluid way.

Jérémy Texier
Jérémy Texier
Head of Measurement Application & Operational Performance

User engagement

Give your Customers Voice

Allow direct feedback from users while they are using apps.

Make community happen

Provoke interactions between users in a conversational mode: who likes the last suggestion? Who amends with better ideas? Leverage lead users expertise.

Report release information

Manage your community and reward the most engaged employees with a direct status report.

Intelligent product improvement


Feedback at a glance: gather all contributions in a single income buffer.


WeLoop use Advanced Analytics to qualify and rank the feedback.

Manage Workflow

Establish final prioritization through a customizable kanban process. Send selected Feedbacks to your Project Management Tools using native connectors.


Drive your product evolution

Community Dashboard

Measure activity of your users and their engagement in the community. Evaluate their satisfaction through their feedback analysis.

Improvement Follow up

Check how you met your collaborators expectations with your past achievements. Value your user stories backlog by weighting with users expectations.

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